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Villas Vs Hotel

      Top Ten Reasons To Choose A Villa

Villa vs Hotel


Your villa is your own space. You are not tied to hotel dining times & there is no hassle about adjoining rooms, you can spend your holiday how you want, with no interruptions or restrictions. It gives you the opportunity to truly relax, whether it is sunbathing by your own pool or exploring the theme parks, then coming back to enjoy a late supper. You decide.

A villa is also more spacious than a typical hotel room; with multiple bedrooms, larger bathrooms, a kitchen and a living area. Compare this to the two or three rooms you can get in a hotel, where families are usually in close proximity.


Every villa has a kitchen. Spend an evening on the terrace, cook up a fabulous barbecue and eat as the sun goes down. For families especially, this is a definite bonus and will save money.


Private Pools come with almost every villa. While hotels have only a limited number of sun loungers around their pool area, your very own pool means no cramming up against other people and no noisy children to disturb your relaxation.


Additional bathrooms in a villa are a bonus, especially for large families. Most villas have a minimum of two bathrooms, one being an en-suite for the parents.


Why pack clothes for the whole two weeks. Villas come with the added convenience of washing machines and dryers, allowing you to cut down on the luggage.


Most people rent a car whilst on holiday and will be forced to park a substantial distance away from their hotel. If you rent a villa, you will benefit from your own parking space and/or garage.


With a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal, you can store all of your snacks and cold drinks in the villa. Considering the prices of hotel food, this can save a reasonable amount of money.


The cost efficiency of renting a villa, opposed to staying in a hotel, can be significant. Rather than booking two or three separate hotel rooms, you can just rent one villa for the duration. Even two families can share the cost and still enjoy more space.


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