Rates to Suit You and Your Needs

Let’s tackle this one head on. Some companies will quote you one price to get you signed up and then pile on the extras. You get bill after bill and don’t know what you are paying for.

At Love Florida Vacations, we don’t work like this. We discuss the level of service you require and then put together a package, specifically designed for you and your needs.  You pay exactly what has been quoted. Alternatively, if you choose one of the packages described below, you will save about 10% on the individual cost.

Terms & Conditions Apply
Economy Standard Premium
Services    $170pcm  $265pcm  $360pcm
Monthly Property Management                                 checkmark       checkmark       checkmark
Weekly Pre & Post Visit Inspections       checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
Weekly Pest Control & Waste
      checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
Welcome Pack for Guests      checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
24/7 Help Line      checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
24/7 Key Collection &
Welcome Center
     checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
Bespoke Website Page      checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
Continuous Rental Support
& Marketing
     checkmark      checkmark      checkmark
Weekly Pool Maintenance      checkmark       checkmark
Weekly Lawn &
Garden Care

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